As I consider the period of the year that we are in and its well-known associated common happenings, I decided to make a brief and quick security alert and awareness update for our dear LearnSomethingOnline community members and readers.

First and foremost, the ember months as we know starts from the month of September  to December and known to be festive period. This period is high in activities such as Marriage Ceremonies, Weddings, Birthday parties, freedom parties, even burials, remembrances, xmas celebration, etc . It's also a period of high market rush for traders and business men and women.
However, this period of the year is also characterised with high different social violence like armed robbery, kidnap, car high-jacking, ritual killings, rape, oppression and suppression, drunkenness, accidents (home, road, water, air, fire), reckless driving, false accusations and allegations,  etc.
While it is true that the police and other security agencies continue to deploy measures to combat crime and protect lives and properties of citizens, there are several things we can do to reduce our exposure to these unwholesome activities especially during this festive period.


v Do not talk about cash transactions you have already done or about to do in public places and mind who knows about it.
v Carrying out a proper journey management plan and having a good knowledge of the area you plan to visit before embarking on any trip significantly reduces your risk.
v Before embarking on your trip, avoid talking about it in the public places and mind who is aware of it too.
v Ensure that vehicles are in good working condition and all particulars are valid – this includes driver’s license and vehicle particulars.
v Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with a trusted family member or friend.
v Avoid giving rides to / accepting rides from strangers – criminals have been known to use such situations to target unsuspecting people.
v Ensure that luggage and valuables are placed well out of sight.
v Do not mention how long you will be away from your home in public places especially if you will be off for long.
v Avoid night travels as much as possible – ensure all journeys are completed during the day or make advance arrangement for sleepovers.
v Avoid making unplanned stops e.g. bathroom breaks, especially at lonely areas / isolated routes. Populated areas are generally safer for such stops.
v Exercise restraints and be patient with government security agents during security checks to avoid unnecessary delays – be polite and courteous in your responses.
v Drive defensively and maintain high alertness throughout the journey.
v If you suspect you are being monitored or trailed, drive to the nearest police station or public place and seek emergency assistance .
v Avoid phone calls as much as possible when driving and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

Finally, evaluated the need for any action against potential risks before commencing it. Remember that you are responsible for your personal security and that of your family. Enjoy  the season!!!


  1. The ember days start third Sunday in September. First and foremost, the ember months as we know starts from the month of September to December and known to be festive period. Please share your experience with assignment help and know more information.

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