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First and foremost I will be sharing with you the basic requirement for running a successful online business.
Below are some of the things you need to put in place for you to start an online business. More may be added as we progress on the series- what you need to start an online business: Just subscribe to our free updates.

1.                  Computer set (Desktop or Laptop).
2.                  Internet connectivity (wireless or wired) or cybercafé.
3.                  Your own website or blog.
4.                  Your products.
5.                  Chose a regular convenient time for your update.
6.                  Generating leverages (audience).

      1   Desktop or Laptop computer.
I will be discussing with you the first thing you need to know in this series of what you need to start an online business. The first thing is that you must have a computer set, which could be either a desktop or laptop. The reason for this needs not be over emphasized this is because to be able to be in the internet, one needs the computer set. After all if not computer what will on use? Is it television set? Of course not, although, it is common to find some phones with good features and capability to browse just like the computer set will do. But computer is still the better because it is only with the computer set one can clearly see all areas of the active page.

There is no special quality of computer (desktop or Laptop computer) to be used for this purpose. As all working computers can do the job. There is no RAM specification, Hard Disk, specification, or other forms of specification. What is required is provided the computer is working and can connect to the internet. Different methods of connections will be discussed later in the series.

2     Internet connectivity (wireless or wired) or cybercafé.
In this series of what you need to start an online business. I will assume that you have put in place your computer set, now you are ready to start your own online or internet business. But the computer set must be connected to the internet (Internet connectivity (wireless or wired) or cybercafé). Three known means of connections are known and are discussed below.

1.      The first method of connection is wired connection. This connection is done using wire just as the name implies. In this case, the computer is connected to a source of internet network using a network cable (usually CAT 5e or CAT 6e network cable) crimped to an RJ45. This RJ45 is connected to the network adaptor at the back of the computer.

2.      Wireless network can also be a very good and reliable source of connection to the internet since it eliminates the use of wire connections. However, this is only possible if the computer supports wireless network connection. Most latest desktops and laptops computers support wireless and blue tooth connections. Bluetooth device are also available for purchase in local computer accessories shops for manual installation on the computers without inbuilt wireless network device. But for your computer to be able to connect to the internet using a wireless connection there must be a wireless router put in place. It is this router that the computer connects to.

3.      Modem connections have become the latest and most easily adopted method of connecting to the internet nowadays. This is because, they are not expensive and they have connections and internet browsing speed of up to 3G and above. A speed that supersedes those connection methods discussed above.

3     Your own website or blog.
In this series of what you need to start an online business, I will be sharing with you the next thing you need to start your own online business; and that thing is called a blog (blog or website). A blog is nothing but a website. A blog has a domain name just like a website ie www.yourname.blogspot.com. The blogspot part appear because the blog is hosted free of charge. That part of the domain name can be removed so that it becomes www.yourname.com. As I said before it is built just as a website is built. You can build yours for free online or contact me to build one for you only for a token. You can also subscribe for my free updates on how to build your blog or website free on the internet. Once that’s done you are ready to start your online business.

You may be wondering why you must have a website before you can do online business. The reason is simple. Anyone doing business on the internet must have a website or blog. It is your contact point or simply put, it is your office in the internet. This is because just like in real life situation, where business man or woman must have a contact point (office) where his or her customers can reach him or her, so also the website is necessary for any online or internet business man or woman to be reached.

 4      Your products.
In this series of what you need to start an online business, I will be telling you what you need to place in your blog/website. This is what I called the products. Products vary in the internet depending on what you have in mind. Your product can be writing a regular content for your readers. This content can be sport, jokes/comedies, cookery, job alerts, news, etc just be creative enough to write something. It can be one hundred words in length or less or more there is no rule on that. What you must not do is don’t copy other people’s content.

After having your line of product in place, there are a lot of stuffs you will add to your blog that will be fetching you some cool dollar on regular basis. Please just subscribe to my free updates on these if you’ve not subscribe before.

5      Choose a regular convenient time for updates.
The next thing you need to know in what you need to start an online business is what I have captioned choosing a regular convenient time for updates. I will be sharing with you tips on how regular you should be updating your blog. Although, there is no rule on how regular one should be updating his or her blog. However, having a regular update of one’s blog is important in internet business.

You can decide to update your blog daily, every three days, weekly, every ten days, every two weeks, or at the end of every month. Whatever your convenient time is, make sure that your blog readers have something to read from you. This is important because it is through their reading that you will earn money.


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