The process of taking the picture of your computer screen is called snapshot. Are times one may have something in the computer system (desktop or laptop) to show to the audience or reader of such work, but does not know how to go about taking a picture of it.
One even wonders whether a camera should be used for such jobs. Camera is not required at all to make a snapshot. If you have been trying to take a snapshot of your computer screen, just follow the simple steps below:

1.  Open the windows you wish to snap. It could be a website page, document, etc.

2. Press the Print Scrn (if you like you can press it together with the Alt key) on your computer keyboard. When you do this, it looks like nothing happened. But don’t mind. You’ve taken a snapshot of your computer screen. Go to step three.

3. Open the Microsoft Paint (to open it click: Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint) or (Start > Run >type: mspaint in the box that opens and press enter or click ok.)

4.        Click on the Edit > Past. At this time, you should see your picture displayed on the screen.

5.        You can save your picture to any location of your choice and thereafter use it as you want.

6.        You can copy out a part or area of the picture that you want. To do this, simply click on the select tool in the tool box.

7.        Then Click and drag to draw a rectangle over the area of your choice. You can then copy that area and past it onto another paint window or Microsoft Picture manager for further editing or you can paste it directly onto your desired location or document. Remember to always save your work.


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