A good knowledge of computer short cuts can greatly enhance ones interest when working on the computer especially when working with document. It can add some sense of professionalism to the way and manner the work is done. One saves time when using shortcuts to perform some actions on the computer.
Shortcuts can also save one the frustration one faces when the mouse is malfunctioning. I therefore decided to publish a post I think my blog readers would find helpful when working with the computer especially on a Microsoft Suits of packages like Ms Word, Excel, Power point, etc. Below is a list of these short cuts.

Ctrl + A ====== To select all or highlight all part of a document.
Ctrl + B====== To Bolden an highlighted text in a document.
Ctrl + C====== To Copy an highlighted part of a document.
Ctrl + D====== To Duplicate and object.
Ctrl + E====== Centre Alignment.
Ctrl + F====== To find word or text in a document.
Ctrl + G====== Go to page, bookmark, footnote, table, comment, graphic or other location.
Ctrl + H====== To replace a text or word found in a document.
Ctrl + I======= To italicize (to make fonts slanted or bent).
Ctrl + J====== To justify a document.
Ctrl + K====== To create links in a document.
Ctrl + L ======= Left Alignment.
Ctrl + M====== To move the cursor or text just like the Tab key would do.
Ctrl + N====== To open new blank document.
Ctrl + O====== To open old document or to search for an old document.
Ctrl + P====== To print document.
Ctrl + R======Right Alignment.
Ctrl + S====== To save document.
Ctrl + T====== To slide the hanging indent.
Ctrl + U====== To underline an highlighted part of the document.
Ctrl + V====== To paste a copied document.
Ctrl + W====== To close a document
Ctrl + X====== To cut a highlighted part of a document.
Ctrl + Y====== To redo changes or an action in a document
Ctrl + Z====== To undo changes in a document.
Ctrl + 1====== To place single line spacing in a highlighted area of a document.
Ctrl + 2====== To place double line spacing in a highlighted area of a document.
Crtl + 5====== To place 1.5 line spacing in a highlighted area of a document.
Crtl + ]} or Crtl + Shift + > ====== To increase size of fonts.
Crtl + {[ or Crtl + Shift + < ====== To decrease size of fonts.

Other important short cuts are:

Alt + F======= To open the File menu.
Alt + E======= To open the Edit menu.
Alt + V======= To open the View menu.
Alt + I======= To open the Insert menu.
Alt + O======= To open the Format menu.
Alt + T======= To open the Tools menu.
Alt + A======= To open the Table menu.
Alt + W======= To open the Window menu.
Alt + H======= To open the Help menu.
Alt + F4======= To quit or close a document.
Alt + F5======= To minimize a document.
Alt + Ctrl+ Delete======= Restart the computer.
Esc======= Ends or cancels a program.

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