Ever since the invention of computers, a lot of jobs that involves writing are being done very easily. This is very obvious because before the invention of the computer systems the manual type writing was the main reliance for printing.

Jobs done using the manual typing are not as beautiful and impressive as those done with computers.

These days, a lot of more beautiful jobs are done in a better and lesser time. Interesting as these may sound, it is still surprising to note that a lot of persons including professionals still do not have even the smallest skill in computer. These people can even put on the computer system. Some that can manage to do, can’t shut it down. A greater majority can’t even do simple jobs like writing a few lines of articles, Curriculum Vita (CV), Memo, etc using the Microsoft word suit.

The problems facing such people are enormous. These problems are not limited to the following:

v  Reduced employment chances.
v  They are underpriced where they managed to be employed.
v  They may be placed in a department where they won’t like to work.
v  Dependence on others to do computer jobs for them.
v  Spending money to do computer jobs. etc

I therefore, decided to put forward this simplified step by step guide that I think would help  computer illiterates overcome the computer illiteracy challenges facing them on daily basis.

Now, let’s face the topic, HOW TO CREATE DOCUMENT squarely. To create document simply means to use the computer office suite like Microsoft Office Word to do simple jobs like writing your CV, Letter, Memo, Article, etc. MS Word is of different versions and release ie Ms Word 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010.

Although, their years of release are different, they are used in the same way. Though one will notice the differences among these versions, especially if one compares the older versions of MS word (95, 97, 2000, 2003, and 2005) with the most recent versions like 2007 and 2010 which have the same resemblance.

Haven said that, to create a document in word, follow the step by step below:

1.      Put on the Computer CPU. To do this press on the start/ON button on the CPU just like you would put on other electrical device.

2.      Put on the monitor. To do this press on the start/on button on the monitor just like you would put on your television set.

3.      Allow your computer to boot (ie allow it to come up).

4.      If it required PASS WORD type it in the space provided. If it doesn’t better!

5.      Once your system has fully booted up.

Follow these next steps:

a.      Check for the Ms Word icon (ie W on a paper background) on the desktop (monitor). If you find it go to step (c). If you can’t find it there go to step (b).
b.      Click on start > All Programs or Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Word 20….
c.       Double click on it or click once and press enter.
d.     Just start to type on the page that displayed.
e.      It’s important to save your work. To do this, click on file> Save as > Choose a location to save to ie desktop or document >Type a name for you document> Click on save. This enables you to be able to still visit your work in future so that you can edit it. So, always save as you work.

It’s easy ok!
When you are done, just close the document. To edit your work, just go to where you saved to and double click on your work or click once and press enter.
Remember, practice brings perfection, so continue to practice it soon you would be perfect on it.


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