I have posted on “HOW TO CREATE WORD DOCUMENT” if you’ve not read that before or you do not know how to create document in word click HERE.

Microsoft Excel is not used for the same kind of jobs as the MS Word. Excel is a tabular work area used to perform work that relates to tables. The horizontal ie from left to right are called rows while the vertical ie from top to bottom are called the columns. Where the horizontal and the vertical meet a cell is created.
From this explanation, the cell can be put in a layman’s term as those boxes in the Excel spread sheet. With excel one can create tables, make mathematical calculations, plot graphs, Histograms, Bar charts, Pie charts, Scattered graphs, etc.
Follow these steps:

a.     Check for the Ms Excel icon on the desktop (monitor). If you find it go to step (c). If you can’t find it there go to step (b).

b.     Click on start > All Programs or Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Excel 20….

c.      Double click on it or click once and press enter.

d.    Just start to type on the sheets that displayed.

e.     It’s important to save your work. To do this, click on file> Save as > Choose a location to save to ie desktop or document > Type a name for your sheet> Click on save. This enables you to edit your work in future. So, always save as you work.
It’s easy ok!

When you are done, just close the sheet. To edit your work, just go to where you saved to and double click on your work or click once and press enter.

Remember, practice brings perfection, so continue to practice it soon you would be perfect on it.


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