This century and millennium is characterized by the technology age or computer age  as is referred to by most persons. But it is still surprising to see that illiteracy age in computing is still very high.
Among graduates, teachers, professionals and even professors it is almost unbelievable to see that computer illiteracy is still high. 
 I wish to contribute my quota in the eradication of computer illiteracy campaign  currently  going on around our globe. To do this, I have decided to start a series of training online that will benefit our blog readers. This online training will also touch some other interesting topics outside computing I'm very sure my blog readers will find them very interesting too. These training topics will be presented very concisely and precisely. All I request now is that my readers should use all the update media provided to get  interesting updates on computer topics. To get these updates and related news making around , submit your email address in the  box provided, you can also click on the facebook  like buttons and the tweet buttons provided, and so on. You will be glad you did. Happy reading!


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